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The trio stems from the need of the leader to combine the experience as a soloist and prestigious collaborations with bands, with the strong desire to affirm a personal idea of thought and creativity.  The trio also proposes an original, variable and cohesive repertoire, where different atmospheres fill a necessary void.

Along with Alberto Fidone (Fabrizio Bosso, Gegè Telesforo, Francesco Cafiso, Michael Rosen, Franco Cerri) on double bass and Peppe Tringali (Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Amii Stewart, Dado Moroni) on drums,  well known performers endowed with an extraordinary sensitivity that makes them able to transcend the solid academic education changing it into a free and expressive freedom, the Sicilian pianist gives life to an effective synthesis work in which the typical lyricism of the Italian tradition, here with the addition of Mediterranean nuances, contrasts with a rhythmic-harmonic complexity , formal and, ultimately, linguistic, whose roots can to be found in the profound assimilation of stylistic canons of the jazz tradition of the past elaborated through an exploration measured in the field of classical music.

The trio proposes an original, variegated and co hesive repertoire, where atmospheres, alternating, fill a necessary void but inevitably unfinished. The album “This too will pass”, a record by the Sicilian pianist, will be released on september 4th by Alfamusic.