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The formation of the trio arose from the leader’s profound need to bridge his experiences as a soloist and his collaborations with esteemed bands, while nurturing a strong desire to establish and assert his personal artistic identity. In this musical endeavor, the trio aims to present a repertoire that is not only original and diverse but also harmoniously cohesive. Each composition within their repertoire serves as a distinct piece of a musical puzzle, filling a necessary void and creating a sense of artistic wholeness.

Accompanying the Sicilian pianist are two exceptional musicians who bring their own unique talents to the trio. Alberto Fidone, a gifted double bassist with an impressive resume including collaborations with renowned artists such as Fabrizio Bosso, Gegè Telesforo, Francesco Cafiso, Michael Rosen, and Franco Cerri, contributes his extraordinary sensitivity and musicality to the ensemble. Peppe Tringali, a skilled and versatile drummer, known for his performances alongside Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Amii Stewart, and Dado Moroni, infuses the music with his rhythmic prowess and intuitive understanding of dynamics.

The trio’s collective efforts result in a remarkable synthesis of musical ideas. Their performances embody a fusion of the Italian musical tradition’s characteristic lyricism, now enriched with the flavors and colors of the Mediterranean region. However, their musical expression goes beyond the confines of tradition, as they delve into a realm of rhythmic and harmonic complexity. Drawing inspiration from jazz’s extensive lineage, they skillfully navigate the intricate formal structures and melodic intricacies, infusing them with their personal touch. Furthermore, their exploration extends to the realm of classical music, where they find inspiration and expand their artistic horizons.

The trio’s repertoire reflects their artistic vision, featuring a captivating array of original compositions. Each piece showcases a distinct atmosphere, transporting the listener on a sonic journey through a range of emotions and moods. From introspective and contemplative moments to vibrant and energetic passages, their music paints a vivid tapestry of sound. While each composition contributes to filling the musical void, there remains an acknowledgment of the inherent incompleteness of the human experience, leaving room for the listener’s own interpretations and reflections.

Anticipation builds as their forthcoming album, “This Too Will Pass,” draws closer to its highly anticipated release on September 4th, courtesy of Alfamusic. It promises to be a landmark recording, capturing the trio’s exceptional musicianship and their collective ability to evoke profound emotions through their art. With their passion, skill, and commitment to pushing musical boundaries, the trio is poised to make a significant impact on the contemporary jazz landscape, captivating audiences and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of listeners worldwide.