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I Consider him to be one of the top jazz piano player in the scene.  He has a deep knowledge of the jazz tradition that he has developed over the course of his twenty-year career despite his young age. His technique is world-class and always at the service of the music, never gratuitous. He has a unique voice as a musician and is dedicated to his craft in every way.

Fred Hersch – April 2022

Angelo Di Leonforte is an accomplished Italian pianist, teacher, composer, and arranger who has been professionally involved in jazz music since 2001.

He is dedicated to constantly honing his improvisation techniques, composition skills, and counterpoint knowledge. To further his musical growth, Angelo has had the privilege of studying with renowned pianists such as Fred Hersch, a multiple Grammy Award nominee, jazz pioneer Barry Harris, celebrated bassist and composer Steve Swallow, and other esteemed figures in the jazz realm including Stjepko Gut, Dado Moroni, Bob Mintzer, Huw Warren, Danilo Rea, Kenny Werner and many others.

In 2014, Angelo graduated with honors from the Vincenzo Bellini Conservatory of Music in Palermo, where he specialized in Jazz Piano.

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Angelo made his mark by recording a captivating album under his own name, titled “Angelo Di Leonforte Trio – This Too Will Pass.” Released in 2020 by © Alfamusic and distributed by EGEA Distribution, the album showcases a brilliant collection of entirely original compositions. Its profound musicality and artistic vision garnered widespread recognition from esteemed national magazines and radio shows, including Jazzit, Rai Radio3, and the Music sector. Critics and listeners alike praised the album for its exceptional creativity and emotional depth.

Aside from his successful musical endeavors, Angelo is deeply passionate about sharing his knowledge and inspiring others through teaching. With a remarkable career spanning two decades, he has dedicated himself to providing highly specialized courses in jazz piano, jazz improvisation techniques, and harmony. He has imparted his expertise to aspiring musicians at Villalta Musica in Udine and served as a principal jazz piano teacher at the prestigious Arturo Toscanini Conservatory of Music in Ribera (AG). Angelo’s commitment to education has shaped the next generation of talented musicians, instilling in them a deep appreciation for jazz music and nurturing their own unique artistic voices.

Throughout his musical journey, Angelo has had the privilege of performing at prestigious concerts and renowned festivals both in Italy and abroad. His captivating performances have graced stages at the Alzheimer Foundation of America in New York, the AAIC San Diego Convention Center in California, the International Jazz Music Festival for The Brass Group Foundation in Pennsylvania, the International Jazz Festival Catania Jazz in Catania, the vibrant Piano City Milano in Milan, the mesmerizing Gozzo Jazz Festival International Jazz Music Festival in the Republic of Malta, the enchanting Sicilia Jazz Festival International Jazz Music Festival, the esteemed International Jazz Music Festival Piazza Jazz Workshops and Concerts, and the celebrated Jazzit International Jazz Music Festival. He has also taken part in the vibrant International Jazz Day Catania (CT) organized by Jazzit and the illustrious Contemporary Music Festival: Composers and Performers in Palermo (PA). These performances have allowed him to captivate audiences with his exceptional artistry and musical prowess.

Within Italy, Angelo has left an indelible impression with his remarkable performances at esteemed venues such as the State Conservatory of Music V. Bellini in Palermo, the State Conservatory of Music G. Verdi in Turin, and the Conservatory of Music in Ribera (AG). He has had the privilege of performing at renowned theaters and iconic locations, including the prestigious San Diego Convention Center in California, the revered Alzheimer Foundation of America in New York, the Entertainment Community Fund in New Jersey, the esteemed RAI Auditorium in Palermo (PA), the majestic Teatro Massimo in Palermo (PA), the historic Garibaldi Theater in Enna (EN), the enchanting Garibaldi Theater in Piazza Armerina (EN), the captivating Cicero Theater of Cefalù (PA), the distinguished Real Teatro Santa Cecilia in Palermo (PA), and the awe-inspiring Valley of the Temples in Agrigento (AG). His performances have captivated audiences, leaving a lasting impression on music lovers from all walks of life.

Angelo’s music has reached the airwaves of prominent Italian and international radio stations, touching the hearts of listeners worldwide. His captivating compositions have been broadcasted by esteemed platforms such as Rai Radio 3, Radju Malta, FM Campus, and Jazz soul, further solidifying his reputation as a truly remarkable musician with a distinct artistic vision.

In recognition of his exceptional talent and artistry, Angelo Di Leonforte was awarded first prize as the best group at the International Pippo Ardini competition held at the Rai Auditorium in Palermo in 2014. This prestigious accolade not only acknowledged his outstanding musical abilities but also granted him the opportunity to participate in the Tuscia Jazz Contest 2015 European Jazz Award, further establishing his prominence in the jazz music scene.

In 2021, Angelo showcased his versatility as a composer by writing and composing the theme song “Hope” for EISAI, INC, a renowned Japanese pharmaceutical company specializing in Alzheimer’s diseases. The heartfelt composition resonated deeply with audiences and was performed at various important events worldwide as well as in retirement homes, offering solace and engaging patients with Alzheimer’s disease through the power of music.

Angelo Di Leonforte’s extraordinary musical journey continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world. His dedication to his craft, his passion for teaching, and his ability to create profound and evocative compositions have solidified his position as a true maestro in the realm of jazz music.